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APBS® was established in 2009. The founder is devoted more time to put on the new and fashion clothes for mobile phone that exclusive of colorful pictures become exquisite and excellent handiwork. Our teams constantly tried to find different materials to create a new design and with clear, transparent and bright Swarovski crystal as the main element in the first consideration. APBS® is designed for “girl’s present.” Each clothes comes from different stories. Phone accessories are not only protection but valuable memories.



apbs® 2020 Crystals from Swarovski

1. 台灣區唯一取得SWAROVSKI®原廠授權標牌,絕佳品質保證,純手工貼鑽,提升商品價值。
2. 專業設計團隊致力研發新品,勾勒出多款繽紛線條,抓住新時代女性市場。
3. 商品保固完善,永久專人提供掉鑽補鑽售後處理,讓使用者更加安心。
4. 平易近人的售價即可擁有高質感的商品,輕鬆消費無負擔。
5. 提供最優質的服務品質,隨時掌握客戶需求與動態。

引領潮流,追求創新,重視每一位客戶,是apbs®一直堅持的原則! 平價時尚就由apbs®開始。

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